Described by Pupi Avati as “an original festival in a charming location”, the twelfth Ischia Film Festival will take place between the 28th June and the 4th July 2015 at the Castello Aragonese. It is a world renowned film festival and is dedicated to its setting in Ischia, a historic location for the production of high quality films.
The Ischia Film Festival is a well-known international film festival which specifically focusses on its location in Ischia, an enchanting setting where many world-renowned films have been shot. The festival is organised by the Associazione Culturale Art Movie & Music and by its creator and Artistic Director, Michelangelo Messina.

The event was born in 2003 with the intention of bestowing an artistic value upon the location of Ischia. This is due to the fact that it is the choice of noted film-makers, photography directors and set designers to shoot films and shorts, and to host photo shoots and many other works which have a strong artistic and cultural character. The Festival aims to encourage both foreign and Italian tourists to visit the island and its surroundings and to discover the beauty for which it is known.
The National Film Tourism Convention is also held each year at the time of the Ischia Film Festival, and prizes are awarded for best shorts, documentaries and feature films. Prizes are then presented for numerous works in the non-competitive “Settings” category.
This year’s Festival will take place at the Castello Aragonese in Ischia from the 27th June to the 4th July 2015. In order to take part in the competition, works must be entered no later than the 10th April 2015.
The Ischia Film Festival is part of the AFIC, the Associazione Italiana Festival di Cinema, an organization which also includes other noted national events aiming to promote Italian cinema.
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