The island of Ischia, known in ancient times as Pithecusae, is renowned around the world for its natural beauty and stunning landscapes.

Ischia belongs to the Phlegrean Islands and is located at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, close to the islands of Procida and Vivara. It is a populated island, vibrant, colourful and lively, characterised by a typical mild Mediterranean climate, making it a popular tourist destination for both national and international visitors.

Ischia is not only known for its natural beauty, is is also famous for its thermal baths, sea, wine-making, places of cultural interest and the neighbouring islands.

Below are a few places to discover in the surrounding area, which can be easily reached from BnB Le Isole.

  • Ischia
    Ischia Forio
    Forio is the second largest town in both size and population and is nestled between...
  • Procida
    Procida Island
    Procida is 3.7km² and, together with the nearby islet of Vivara, is the smallest island...
  • Capri
    Capri Island
    Capri Island is the most famous island in the Gulf of Naples; it has always...
  • Casamicciola Terme - Ischia
    Ischia Casamicciola Terme
    Casamicciola Terme is located in the northern part of Ischia island and features a commercial...
  • Ischia
    Ischia is the largest island in the Campania region; it belongs to the Phlegrean Islands...