The Belliazzi Terme are the oldest spa on the island of Ischia and are the only ones built on the Historic Spring of the Gurgitello. Since ancient times the therapeutic properties of the waters of the source of the Gurgitello were appreciated and used. Pliny the Elder, in a treatise on the island’s thermal springs, mentions the therapeutic properties of the source of the Gurgitello, experienced by the soldiers, who were stationed in Pozzuoli who came to the island to retreat from war campaigns. Following the testimony of Pliny in the year 1500, a doctor in service at the Spanish court in Naples, Giulio Jasolino, draws a new map of the thermal springs of the island and the therapeutic characteristics of each; Describes the source of the Gurgitello as a miraculous source for the tremendous successes achieved with the use of its water and mud. Other important scientific writings are those of A. D ‘Avalos 1757, Andria 1783, Chevalier De Rivaz, and other scholars of the benefits of thermal-mineral waters.

The source of Gurgitello is made up of alkaline water, hyperthermal at 85 ° C and contains: sodium bicarbonate and calcium, sodium and potassium chloride, sodium sulfate, bromine, fluorine, iodine, arsenic, titanium, manganese, lithium and Other substances.

The Thermal Spa of the Ancient Belliazzi Terme combines the properties of thermal water to the benefits of aesthetic treatments.To complement and enhance the benefits of precious mineral waters, complementary care can be provided such as massages that can be of different types: circulatory, anti-stress, lymphatic, auric, shiatsu, reflexogen, each with different healing properties. The person will be advised Adequately by your doctor.


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